About Us

Arthur DeSaules and Walter Hall started D & H Precision Tool in the 1930’s.  They designed and manufactured their own lathes and cutting machines.  These cutting machines were named D & H.  Most of these machines are still used today.  During this time, they were the Premier Cutters for telephone companies.  Much of their work was tungsten contacts for telephones and car points. They also did work for the Government during World War II.

In 1944, Mr. Hall passed away.  Arthur DeSaules and his brother Louis DeSaules continued to run D & H.  They moved the business to East Orange, NJ and were running two shifts.  In 1969, Arthur and his brother split.  Arthur kept D & H Cutoff and Louis took D & H Precision Tool.

Arthur successfully ran D & H Cutoff Company until he retired at the age of 78.  He built lathes, cutting machines and patented the ticker tape machine.  He incorporated D & H in 1969 and continued running two shifts.  Much of their work was for the Government, Aerospace, Medical, Electrical and Automotive Industry.  Arthur was a great Businessman!

Before retiring Arthur’s son, Arty came to help his sister Patty take over the family business.  As children they were raised in the machine shop and learned many aspects of the business at a very young age.  Soon after, they moved the business to Califon, NJ and this was home for D & H for over 20 years.  Arty continued to run D & H successfully.  He retired in July of 2014.

Eric Smith came to work for Arty in 1996.  Eric was able to learn all about the business and help it expand.  In 2005, Eric became a partner with Arty.  Soon after, centerless grinding and other secondary operations were added to D & H’s capabilities.  This helped service the needs of our Customers’ demands.

Eric’s brother, Kyle Smith came to work for D & H in 2010.  Kyle has degrees in tool making and automated manufacturing.  He wears many “hats” here.  Kyle can be found setting up and maintaining the machines, scheduling Customers’ orders and quality control.  He is a huge asset to our Company.

In July of 2014, Arty retired and Eric took over the Company.  D & H moves to Stewartsville, NJ and now occupies a 17,000 sq. ft. building.  This new building has allowed us to expand with more cutting machines and grinders.  We are consistently investing in more equipment and technology to keep up with our Customers’ demands.  Our most recent purchase is Screw Machines.

During 2018 we purchased B & S Screw Machine’s equipment.  This allows us to expand our Services even further.  Please take a look at our other pages for more information.

We have achieved our ISO 9001:2015 Certification along with ARM 9009:2013.

D & H Cutoff Co., Inc. continues to persevere and has grown into a unique, diversified company.  We are a team of highly skilled designers and creative thinkers.  We are always up for a challenge!